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Moving from OhLife to Day One

For the past 18 months I’ve been using a service called OhLife. I’ve got it set to email me at 8:00 PM every day, and I have the option to respond to the email from any device with an email client. Lately I’ve been hearing some great things about Day One, and a post by Brett Terpstra struck a chord as I’ve been thinking about moving my work journal from my Levenger Circa Notebook into the searchable digital domain.

Brett’s post exposed me to the dayone command-line tool, and after looking at the exported text from OhLife I figured I could glue the two together with a little bit of perl.

Link: @


  1. Save this file someplace (~/Downloads, perhaps?)
  2. Open a Terminal in OS X (/Applications/Utilities/
  3. chmod +x ~/Downloads/
  4. cat ~/Downloads/ohlife_YYYYMMDD.txt | ~/Downloads/

If you have any questions or problems, please catch me on Twitter!

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